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To date, I've given hundreds of lectures around the globe. Here's a list of some "top hits."

  1. Heaven on earth, Shabbos

  2. Small steps to big success, how to make millions in 30 days. The Torahs perspective on what success is and how to achieve it.

  3. Impossible, unless you know how! Responsibility, Ability, and action

  4. Judging Favorably - What happens when we judge

  5. Power of Speech - What goes on behind the scenes when we talk.

  6. Anger Management - Why we get angry, and how to overcome

  7. Life is beautiful - A perspective on our own lives, and of those around us

  8. The $5 chocolate bar - A focus on G-d's in depth detailed oriented relationship with us, personally!

  9. Why prayer doesn’t work, or does it!

  10. Effective communication, how to connect with anyone, instantly!

  11. Impressions, like it or not, you’re a role model

  12. The $10,000 wheel-barrow challenge, translating emunahy into bitachon. KAA

  13. Love, dating, and marriage

  14. Knowing Yourself - doesn’t it make sense to get to know yourself?

  15. Happiness, what is it? How to get it

  16. Why do bad things happen to good people?

  17. Let it go, it can save your life! (ritalin story)

  18. The Gratitude attitude, How "thank you" WILL change your life

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